What Makes A Great Internet Business?

// 30 December 2015

For many people, the concept of starting an internet business sounds enticing, yet understandably vague. Starting your own business is an intimidating concept on its own; adding the online factor only makes the whole idea sound all the more complicated. The good news, however, is that just about anyone has the potential to start a great and successful online business. In fact, some of the most successful online business ideas have come from people who were relative amateurs to the world of making an income on the internet.

That’s not to say that all online business ideas are going to be winners, however. Successful online business ideas are generally born from a marriage of creating something that the market lacks coupled with a concept that had been proven time and time again to not only work, but to work well. To help you begin down the path of starting your own business and becoming an online entrepreneur, here are some qualities of truly great and successful internet businesses.

Business Savvy Coupled With Technological Savvy

It’s true that just about anyone can start an internet business. However, you do need someone who has a certain degree of web savvy. Many online entrepreneurs are actually teams of business people and tech people. If you have a golden idea but little intricate computer knowledge, the truth is that you are going to have to find someone to work with.

However, many web businesses do not require someone with a computer science degree and can be learned by even the most inexperienced web users. A blog, for example, can be a source of income and requires relatively little education to master.

Strong Marketing and SEO

Great web businesses are only great because we know about them. The web is an incredibly crowded and saturated landscape, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still plenty of money to be made online. However, the money is being made by those who know how to take advantage of social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). The biggest reason that an online business fails is because, frankly, no one ever heard of it.

This means that no matter what you are selling, be it a blog or on outline retail store, you cannot neglect marketing and SEO. If the world of making online were a home, SEO and marketing would be the foundation. For some people, this means mastering SEO and doing their own promotion in-house. For others, it means allocating funds to hire a professional SEO firm. While everyone is different, the latter generally generates the best and fasted results for web entrepreneurs.


The first six months of any online business is rarely, if ever, profitable. Aside from things like apps that are breakout hits, most online businesses are lucky to even break even during this time. Unfortunately, many people treat online businesses not like actual businesses, but rather as “get rick quick” schemes.

People can debate the best online business to start as much as they want. However, no matter your type of business, the cold hard truth is that the best online business to start is the one that you stick with and don’t give up on. The only people who succeed at making money online are the ones who ride the low waves all the way through to the high tide. Ultimately, the biggest factor of a great internet business is its owner’s ability to see it through for the long haul.

At the end of the day, there is no magic formula to creating the perfect online business. A company that is hawking a useless product can do extremely well with the right marketing, whereas a highly useful and informative blog might crash and burn if the author doesn’t have the dedication to stick with it. No matter what type of business you choose to create, the biggest factors to success will be you perseverance and your ability to successfully spread the word.