What is an International Background Check Actually All About?

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// 23 August 2017

Areas of Interest

Particular features of somebody’s past may be looked into when doing an international background check, and will depend on the industry in What is known as an “international background check” is usually conducted by potential employers to check on any candidates who may be hired by the company. Public and private history can be inspected with the use of various international databases so the employer can have knowledge about any kind of past criminal activities that someone might have, along with other details such as their credit history.

This sort of procedure is important when evaluating people such as any potential childcare workers, police officers, and government officials.

Online Tracking

Companies might carry out an international background check when:

  1. They either have interests in more than one nation
  2. The job candidate has resided in more than one country

With the ease of DBS tracking online, a company can uncover any information about whether anyone has a criminal past in different countries. In the majority of cases, only criminal charges will be made note of or held against somebody, but this is not always the case. Some employers may have more stringent rules than others.

which the person is looking to be employed.  For example:

  • Anyone who is applying for a job working with children will definitely have to be screened to ensure that he or she has no history of violence or abuse with children.
  • And the very same applies to people who wish to be employed in government who will have to have a totally clean record of any criminal conduct.

Usually, credit history is also checked during an international background check and is of utmost importance should the person wish to be employed in managing finances, such as in the case of being an accountant. If a potential employee can’t manage his or her own cash efficiently, then it’s more than likely that a company’s finances will not be handled any better.

Outside Sourcing

  • When anyone is considering the performing of an international background check, companies usually make good use of a professional outside source.
  • These are professionals who do criminal screenings and credit checks by use of massive databases.
  • The databases will require an affordable fee for membership and access.
  • By utilising an outside source to carry out a check, it works out as a much cheaper solution for companies that do not seek employees too often.


For those that frequently have to carry out background checks on worker candidates, it’s nowadays possible for employers to simply subscribe for access to databases and do the check by themselves.

They may also wish to use someone in human resources to manage all background checks as databases are accessed online through a specialised website. (Fees for subscribing to them will vary depending on the site).

Make sure to get the best DBS check online today from a reputable service.

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