Web Design Company Local or Digital Selection

// 10 October 2017

When deciding to go to a web design company for design services, you must always be aware of the 2 different types of web design firms online. There are local based web design companies and digital based web design companies.

Ntw designs,  http://www.ntwdesigns.com/ , is a great example of a full service digital web design company. Read below as we will give the pros and cons of each.

Digital Web Design Company


  1. More Services. Digital web design companies are known to provide more services that local web design companies. Digital web design companies can provide a full rage of design services such as web design creation, brand identity creation, book covers, marketing, seo, consultant,and company research. With a digital agency, you can truly find all that you need in one place. The more services you have, the more options and selections you have.

2.Bigger Groups & Faster Turn Arounds. Usually, digital web design companies are known to be much bigger and contain bigger groups working inside the agency. This is because digital design firms usually work with companies around the world versus companies on a local basis. This gives them a much larger base and the need to have more designers on team. With a large team, this can also benefit an individual as they will get a faster turn around time for their project.


1.Physical Meeting. Being that digital agencies are digital, they don’t have sit downs or physical meetings with clients.They have their own accurate way to gain all necessary information before starting a project, but a client who is interested in having a public meeting will not be able to do so.

Local Web Design Company


1.Client Focus. Local web design companies may not have as many clients as large digital agencies do. This will enable a client to ask further questions to their web design company if needed.

2.Meetings. A local web design company can schedule appointments and gather design project information in a public meeting.


1.Turn Around. Local web design companies will have a much slower turn around time. In a local web design company there may be a maximum of 4 web designers. They are much more slow paced and they may drag out a web design months to complete.

2.All Area Experience. A local web design company may not have experience in all different areas. This means if a business wants a web design built and then a large marketing campaign, a local web design company may refer that business to a marketing agency versus do it themselves.

As seen above, there are pros and cons for a digital web design company and a local web design company. 2017, digital web design companies are rocking the web with their fast turn around times and large scale of projects which they are capable to do. Digital web design companies can handle projects of any size from small business to large enterprise. Looking at a web design companies portfolio and online activity is always a good way to research a firm online. If you need some help with finding a design agency for your next project, read the list above and review all the pros and cons of a digital agency and a local company.