Top 5 Small Business Ideas for Women

Business Ideas
// 30 December 2015

Women are no exception to the ‘be an entrepreneur’ fever and with home based and online businesses succeeding these days being an entrepreneur is at everyone’s reach. And more and more stay at home moms have started home based businesses of their own. Running a business at home not only allows women to spend more time with their family, but also rewards them financially without having the need to spend time or money on travel and other expenditures. With any idea becoming a huge business nowadays, a simple home based business idea can become more gratifying.

Here are a few home based small business ideas for women to choose from.

Grocery shopping

The long queues and people flood at every grocery shop have made grocery shopping a pain in the head these days and people have started exploring ways of having their groceries delivered to them at their doorsteps. Instacart’s business model has proved the statement more correct and with the revenue Instacart makes each month, a grocery delivery service would be one of the best small business ideas for women.

Event planning

Not every parent has the time to prepare and organize their kid’s birthday or graduation party. If you are one woman with qualities to organize a meeting or a social gathering and get work done from your employees at the last minute, becoming an event planner would be the best business idea for you. Event planning though being a desirable business already, women with their natural knack for organizing and getting things done, can easily make their mark in the industry.

Laundry services

Laundry is yet another household activity that gets the nerves of today’s people. Though mandatory, laundry sounds boring and the wait at laundromats is tiresome. A laundry list is more than enough to ruin a perfect weekend and get it right back on the track to being cursed. As the perfect time for starting a laundry delivery service and no such capital to run one; starting a laundry service business definitely tops the big list of small business ideas for women. And with a small capital to purchase the necessary equipment, you could start a laundromat of your own right at your home.


Are you a certified masseuse with no such capital to start your very own massage parlor? A massage service at their home is something any person would crave for. With a small expenditure for marketing your service in the neighborhood, a massage service business could generate the required revenue. And with the demand for on-demand services on the rise, massage service is yet another choice for women to start as a business.

Business Ideas