Mandy’s Competitive Strategies

// 24 June 2016

Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto is a successful Canadian entrepreneur. Her ambition has pushed her to attend various conference across the country and parts of North America to tell her story and teach younger generations keys and tips to a successful business career – or at least the start of one. The number one piece of advice she gives to young and aspiring business students is to stay competitive by differentiating themselves. Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto, as much as it sucked to realize, figured out quickly as a student that everything in this world is  a competition. Most of all, that there is always going to be someone better than you out there, so stay humble.

There are four things that will allow students to stand out if they can understand and learn the following: cost leadership, differentiation, focus, and the middle of the road. These and four are mostly used to describe company strategies but they can also be used as behaviour guidelines for individuals seeking employment or personal growth opportunities.

Most often, Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto uses the terms “cost leadership” as a way of holding yourself. In companies, this means that companies will lower their prices to lead the pack and ultimately be more desirable by clients. For an individual, especially students that are coming out of university, this means lower your standards. This does;t mean forever. All it means is that for the next couple of years, students should disregard the salary of the jobs they get in relevant fields because right now all they need is the experience. In today’s workforce, the differentiator for students with similar degrees is their work experience.

The differentiation strategy for companies is as simple as coming up with innovative products that will either put them ahead of competitors or set the apart. For individuals, Mandy encourages students to put on their CV’s 3 activities that no other candidates likely have done. If students do not have anything to differentiate themselves, she encourages students to get involved and start volunteering so they have something on their CV that will make them stand out.

The next strategy Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto suggests for individuals that have been dedicated to that causes, activities, ideas, or passions their whole life. This means they would have a repertoire of positive community contributions to put on their resumes. For example, Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto has been dedicated to helping students network and apply what they’ve learnt in school in the real world. Since she was young, she participated in extracurricular activities landing her leadership awards and the title of student body president. In university, she voluntarily organized galas for the art students and networking events for the business students. All those are applicable to a resume. It’s all in the way you word it and present it describes Mandy.

Lastly and definitely least is the middle road. This is allocated to an individual that does not have a clear strategy and is lost in their approach to successfully capturing highly demanded opportunities. Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto suggests the three top strategies to students and entrepreneurs at the conferences she attends. She will likely attend more in the following months, sharing her passions and ambitions with the hopes on inspiring others.