Jack Rochel, Work-life Balance

Small Business
// 15 May 2016

Jack Rochel loves when an employee is ready to give it their all but he also expects them to have a fulfilling life outside of work. His philosophy is work to live, not live to work. Don’t misunderstand, Jack Rochel is a hard working individual and worked his way to the top with hard work and determination but at the end of the day, he does what he does to make a living so he can enjoy the finer things in life such as exotic vacations, music festivals, being part of sport clubs and many other extravagant activities.

He encourages his employees to do the same and work towards those personal goals. People might think Jack Rochel is shallow but he defends his interests as in a great motivator to work towards something and he does believe money buys happiness. Seems very materialistic but Jack Rochel states you need money in order to survive in this day and age.

We live in a monetary system and we can’t do anything drastic to change that. The best course of action is to simply work hard for your money and enjoy whatever interests you. He told his employees, if you truly a gamer and the new metal gear or final fantasy game comes out, use a sick day or plan your vacation accordingly.

Jack Rochel is very laissez-faire as an owner because he understands the hardships in life and how hobbies and interests can be the biggest stress reliever.

Sometimes hobbies and interests can be an even better motivator. For instance, your planning a month long vacation to travel all of Japan and you need 4 consecutive weeks off. Normally managers cannot grant that unless the other employees don’t plan on taking that time off.

Jack Rochel instructed if that ever happened, to come speak to him directly but before that, Jack Rochel expects employees in this predicament to solve it by speaking to his fellow colleagues and requesting such a favor. This encourages his employees to communicate and maintain strong relationships within the team.

Jack Rochel is really trying to send the message on how to balance life at work and home. Sometimes situations at home can induce heavy amounts of stress; which will hinder productivity at work.

Also if employees worked long hours and placed work first instead of home life, this can lead to slight depression and cause negative attitudes to emerge from employees. Jack Rochel is hell-bent on maintaining a stress free work environment and placing life before work to ensure the satisfaction levels of his employees and also their levels of productivity.

Small Business